Use this headline to catch their attention.

Then give them some tidbits about how you can help solve a problem and invite them to optin to your mailing list.

Or maybe check out how to work with you.

“This would be a great place for an inspirational quote.”

Or another invite to join your mailing list.

“Got a great testimonial to share? Go ahead and do that here. Testimonials let people know that you’re a great person to work with and can actually help them solve the problem they need help with.”

Past client/customer name here

Share a little bit about yourself here.

But mostly focus on how you can help THEM.

When it comes to the about section on your website, potential clients are less concerned about how awesome you and more interested in how you can help them solve the big problems.

Use the button to have them join your mailing list, visit your about page or learn more about working with you. But ideally, your home page has one objective: get people to optin to your mailing list.